Our Solutions

From our base in Jakarta & Tangerang Office, we serve customers throughout Indonesia, South East Asia who either have no mains electrical grid access, or access to only unreliable and limited electrical grid.

We offer consultations to our Clients in providing systems specifications based their energy needs. We design, build and finance optimized renewable energy solutions which enable our customers to achieve substantial cost savings through reduced diesel fuel usage, reduced utility energy consumption, while reducing pollution and CO2 emissions.


Our customers include remote industries such as manufacturing sectors, commercial buildings, property developers, mining and plantation operations, island resorts, remote villages and communities, as well as island-based utility companies.

SERVICES – What We do


After conducting a customer load analysis and preliminary site survey, we perform a detailed simulation of the proposed solution, including analysis of the available renewable energy resources, calculation of renewable energy penetration and expected diesel fuel savings, in order to arrive at the optimal microgrid solution for the particular customer requirements. The system is then specified and designed in accordance to international best practice by our team of experienced renewable energy engineers.


Given the harsh tropical weather conditions under which our systems are deployed, as well as the logistical challenges presented by the remoteness of our customers, it is imperative that we select and use suitably high quality and robust system components. We use our years of combined experience in the renewable energy industry, and follow a rigorous selection process, to ensure that all system components we use are suitable for deployment in the harsh, remote locations where our customers are located.


We partner with reputable local contractors to provide manpower for the construction of our renewable energy microgrids. We provide oversight and hands-on training to the local workforce to ensure the construction work is carried out in accordance with our high standards. Our experienced project managers ensure that project schedules are met.



After construction, we conduct a thorough and detailed commissioning of the system, checking each component individually according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, as well as checking that the overall system complies with our design. We then carry out a system acceptance test together with the customer, and prepare the commissioning and acceptance documentation.

Operational & Maintenance (O&M) services

We offer O&M services as part of the value-added package to any projects. This O&M service contract is our on-going commitment, support & relationship with our customers, to ensure that the Power plants are maintained and operating in top condition. We offer programmed maintenance schedule, monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly and yearly intervals which will involved detailed inspections, calibrations.



We offer customer financing directly or through our partners to selected credit-worthy customers. This can take the form of a power purchase agreement (PPA) or an equipment lease purchase agreement (ELPA), depending on the requirements and customer profile.


Because of the remoteness of the systems we deploy, it is important to be able to check remotely that they are operating as they should be. To this end, we are developing a remote monitoring and control system which will allow us and our customers to view the performance of all the major components of the system in near-real time, from anywhere with an internet connection.