A new way of buying clean energy for business.


Put solar systems, energy efficiency equipment and battery storage to work sooner and cut business power bills with a Power Purchase Agreement from SMS Nuenergy.

We have the capacity to design & develop IPPs &  engage our clients to enter into a power purchase agreements under the captive power market.

What is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement-PPA?

A power purchase agreement works just like a normal power bill. Rather than purchasing or renting the solar system itself, you, the customer, just pay for the power the system produces.

Customers enter a contract to purchase energy from Energy Lease over a period of time. We offer customers a flat cents per kilowatt-hour price or one with annual increases in line with inflation.

This price is calculated before installation and agreed upon by all parties.


SMS NuEnergy (with the help of financial backers) provides the upfront capital needed to purchase the solar equipment and pay for the installation.

Once the panel is up and running customers simply pay for the energy that their solar panels produce. Customers will continue to receive a bill from their usual retail energy provider, however this will be significantly smaller than usual. In some cases, they may even receive a credit from the retail energy provider for the excess energy under the Net-Metering Scheme.


Since our price per kilowatt-hour is usually cheaper than purchasing power from the electricity grid, customers will save money immediately. 


At the end of the agreed term, customers can renew the contract (usually at a reduced price), pay a residual payment to own the equipment, or we will arrange to remove the equipment

With a solar PPA, SMS NuEnergy designs, installs, monitors and maintains your system for the life of the agreement.


Features and benefits include:

  • Monthly payments per unit electricity delivered
  • Solar PPA electricity reduces your grid electricity purchases
  • Solar PPA electricity is charged at agreed prices for the duration of the contract
  • Flexible lease terms between 10 –20 years with extension and early buyout options
  • We maintain and manage the system throughout the solar PPA term
  • Provides future certainty over electricity expenditure



You know by now  that solar energy can result in significant savings on your monthly electric bill and protect you from frequent utility rate hikes. SMS NuEnergy believes that every businesses, Industries and Consumers should have the right to choose where & how they get their energy. That’s why we offer a no money down option for end-users who are serious about going solar and meet their budget.


The SMS NuEnergy Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

SMS NuEnergy's  Power Purchase Agreement (solar PPA) is the perfect option for commercial busineses and industries who want to go solar without the upfront cost – and not worry about maintaining their solar energy system after they make the transition. With SMS Nuenergy’s solar PPA, we take care of everything from installation to ongoing monitoring and maintenance for the entire life of the agreement.


Without Solar


With Solar & PPA



Minimal or No Capital Outlay

Immediately reduce energy costs by installing a NuEnergy System with minimal or any upfront capital expenditure. The System can be bought out at anytime should your circumstances change.

Ownership and performance risks of the SMS NuEnergy system remain with SMS NuEnergy, the owner and operator - simply pay for the clean energy. Entering into a PPA is an OPEX decision rather than a CAPEX investment.

Operations and Maintenance

SMS NuEnergy.System is operated, maintained and insured for the life of the agreement by SMS NuEnergy.

Utility grade metering and monitoring by Metering Dynamics ensures the integrity and accuracy of the performance. Only bankable Tier-1,PID-Free equipment is integrated into SMS NuEnergy Systems, such as Premium-Grade solar panels and inverters from our strategic partners and vendors.

Clean Energy Savings

Payment for clean solar energy and efficiency is linked to performance, so SMS NuEnergy has  every incentive to ensure the system is operating at its optimum, ensuring maximum savings at all times.Most organisations today have targets for clean energy procurement and environmental or sustaintability goals. An SMS NuEnergy PPA is the perfect way of helping to meet and maintain these targets.

Generation and Efficiency

SMS NuEnergy takes an engineering approach to address both clean energy generation and energy efficiency by including in SMS NuEnergy  Systems, not just solar PV  panels but where required, 

power factor correction to improve efficiency or battery storage for peak demand shaving. SMS NuEnergy employs its proprietary system engineering software to analyse the energy usage of the building and design the energy system that produces the best economic result. This  engineering analysis and design is also a unique feature of the SMS NuEnergy offering.

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